When Giles sent Heather his sketch of a curious little pug, it was the beginnings of a beautiful thing. This little dog sparked a whole heap of ideas – big colours,
playful words and fun patterns. It was the kind of stuff they both loved and wanted to create.
Giles got busy writing, Heather did a lot of colouring in and, some time (and a lot of coffee) later, they had what they wanted – a look that really made them smile.
They called it Happy Jackson.

This grumpy little pug had come a long way and, having partnered up with some of the best product people in the business, he can now be found on a whole
heap of fantastic stuff.

When Giles isn’t doodling, he writes children’s books, which can be found across the world in homes, libraries and doctors’ waiting rooms (with most of the
pages torn out). In a different life, he is also Purple Ronnie and Edward Monkton, but that’s another story altogether.

Heather makes cards, patterns and other nice things for publishers and retailers in the UK and overseas. She works from her studio in East London where, when
not colouring in, she’s mostly feeding meat-based snacks to her trusty sausage dog, Captain Bert.